Thursday, February 2, 2012

During my undergraduate study

8 years project management experience, good project planning and control of the plan;
- Through the factory and trading company of experience, familiar with different work processes and environment, and adaptable; good people with different effective communication and cooperation, team spirit;- Foreign work experience, fluent English speaking and writing; Mandarin Cantonese barrier-free communication;Best Wedding Flowers
- Good communication skills and execution;- Attention to detail, strong sense of responsibility, good work ethicIn China, foreign-owned company as general manager of the past four years, a wealth of experience, so I have good interpersonal communication and coordination of colleges and universities the ability, with strong language skills and affinity;? cheerful personality, calm patience, as well as the background of East-West life, a good sense of humor so that I can get along with colleagues and customers very well;?Romantic Wedding Chocolates hard work, there is a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism and team spirit, as decision-makers or team members, management or coordination team can complete the work plan as soon as possible,
able to work under pressure;Pony Ralph Lauren
? quick learning ability.Have a strong comprehension and understanding, thinking, open, agile, able to quickly adapt to different environments. Hard-working, practical, responsible, conscientious of their work. Serious work, focus, planned, methodical pursuit of perfection. Good image, and man, steady, strong affinity, good with people.Patient, there is the pressure and frustration tolerance.After four years of outstanding University School of Law Coban formal education, so I have a macro grasp on the law, develop a good capacity for critical thought and legal thinking, logic, and the important category of legal disciplines are relatively in-depth understanding. After selecting the school received a Ford-sponsored by the United States, "Clinical Legal Education" and the establishment of this project into the Sichuan University Law School Legal Aid Center internship socially disadvantaged groups to provide appropriate legal advice, but also had a successful agent juvenile criminal cases. Also participated in the UN set up during the project - the work of migrant workers aid station for migrant workers in Chengdu to provide free legal services. To exercise their ability to work in legal practice. After graduating from college I applied to enter the UK to further the success of one of the best Law School - University of Leicester School of Law forRalph Lauren camicie international commercial law graduate professional study, and further refinement of their professional research and experience first-class graduate education law model and has been in the field of international commercial law irreplaceable advantages.
(2) language During my undergraduate study in addition to English law outside and repair professional, and has secured literary double degree, studying at the school passed the CET and obtained IELTS score of 6.5. After a year of study abroad after life, all aspects of speaking and writing in English has been further enhanced, can be proficient.I can skilled use of computer office software and network resources, cheerful and generous, with excellent communication skills, strong organizational skills, practical rigorous.

improve their overall quality

Of fashion, luxury goods industry has a certain awareness and interest in and love the media advertising and PR industry, with strong communication skills and affinity. Love fashion, love creativity, because of the fashion industry, advertising the pursuit of love and dedication, but also the spirit of a certain understanding of this industryA French Modern Wedding , but also better able to put their learned knowledge to work, to their own preferences and work the combination.
English, Japanese to communicate fluently, determined to make a good PR person.Five years, consumer electronics, semiconductor industry experience, familiar with Chinese consumer electronics, mobile Internet industry;Four DSP / VOIP software development experience;Year of customer support, customer service experience (related to cell phones, Tablet PC / TVs, car audio, SoundBar and other areas);And well-known mobile phone, flat-panel TV OEM / ODM to maintain a good relationship;
Good sense of music and listening abilityQuick-witted, curiousStrong language skills and the ability of the preparation of project documentation500 years of world-renowned US-owned corporate human resources experience, with a comprehensive human resources expertise of the intelligence, and has good leadership.Learning Experience: In July 2007, graduated from the Jilin Agricultural University, Animal Sciencepolo Ralph Lauren
. Made in school-related veterinary professional qualifications, with some English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; use of network access to relevant information in English and can be translated in time. Proficiency in computer operating systems, office tools. I am outgoing, cheerful, sociable, sincere in the cooperation and diligent and pragmatic, down to earth, strict laws have been lenient towards others, and consciously submit to discipline the company, loyal to the company. I firmly believe that: a bird soar with the happy couple transport,Polo Lacoste people with Tadakata high quality.4 years web site promotion, SEO work experience, 2 years sales assistant work experience. Good website promotion, search engine optimization. word, excel, powerpoint and other office software, internet proficiency, favorite web site promotion. There are a number of corporate website Baidu, GOOGLE successful promotion experiences. Serious and responsible work, on time completion of quality and quantity of the work assigned by the leadership; with team spirit; have a strong sense of responsibility, coordination ability.Excellent communication and integration and coordination ability, good sense of learning and helping othersGlogous Wedding Wears for Children, a wealth of experience in FMCG and OTC marketing, attention to detail and awareness of procedures to comply with the system, excellent office software application capabilities.5 years overseas experience, management graduate, and conditions of use of overseas environmental advantages, we learn professional knowledge, foster learning, work, life skills, improve their overall quality, and as preparation for employment . Have a keen insight of things; can communicate well with people, with team spirit; responsible for the work will pay all their energy and enthusiasm; like challenges, adaptable.

Friday, July 16, 2010


3 years foreign company working experience, 1 year oversea working experience, be familiar with the NPI.chi flat iron
Good communication skills. chi hair straightenerSelf-motivated, cheap wedding gownsable to work under pressure. Good logical thinking. Five years work experience, engaged in web and graphic design all along, and some other interface and flash design. I can design and produce all kinds of style website independently, and familiar with html and css.
I like challenge, have strong sense of responsibility and dedication spirit to my work. Active and hopefully, Certainly the mind of being cooperative is very important. 1、Plentiful experience in international tradecheap nike shoes
2、Agressive and energetic in exploring new marketing and opptunities.
3、cheap prom dressesEasy- going,warm-hearted,and full of passion.skillful in communication
4、 Good sense of responsiblity,concentration,and initiative learning to improve . you can find hope here
my running shoes

Familiar with both in-housing and search recruitment process

I learnt Ai, Ps, Id and Flash. I can work by PC and MAC. In the meanwhile, I konw some basic skill about 3D and web design. During my nike trainerstudy, I do some work related to marketing design and project management. I design poster,cheap authentic nfl jerseys advertising, page layout, photographic, Vi design,etc. Our lecturers offered us opportunity of design competition and I was awarded. - 13 years working experience among which are 8 years in recruitmentnike shox management in foreign-invested companies or Joint Venturenike shoes
- Familiar with both in-housing and search recruitment process
- Approachable,jerseys monster self-driven and has good analitical and communication skillIt will never cold
code and computer

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gardens That Grow on Walls

GIVEN the chance to accompany a team of botanists on a plant-collecting expedition to South America, most gardeners would probably be satisfied with the experience. They wouldn’t come home and try to recreate the rain forest in Manhattan.
But Michael Riley isn’t like most gardeners. Mr. Riley, a former commodities trader turned plant expert who went on to become assistant director of the Horticultural Society of New York, was eager to move beyond potted plants in a way that hadn’t yet occurred to many others. It took a number of expeditions, a lot of research and more than a decade and a half, but by 2003 he had figured out how to grow a wall of plants inside his Upper West Side apartment.
“In the rain forest, I realized that plants didn’t need to grow in pots with labels,” said Mr. Riley, 64. “I wanted to grow plants in ways that were natural to them.”
With his partner, Francisco Correa, a Spanish teacher who is now 52, Mr. Riley attacked a corner of his living area, stripping the walls of plaster and affixing exterior-grade plywood to new and existing building studs. On top of the plywood went bitumen roofing to protect the walls. Cork bark was then stapled over that, and plants were inserted into pockets in the cork. Sprinklers and lighting were installed overhead, trenches were put in at the base of the walls to catch water that trickled down, and pools were added in the middle of the room to increase humidity.
These days, Mr. Riley’s project isn’t that unusual. Vertical gardens — which began as an experiment in 1988 by Patrick Blanc, a French botanist intent on creating a garden without dirt — are becoming increasingly popular at home. Avid and aspiring gardeners, frustrated with little outdoor space, are taking another look at their walls and noticing something new: more space. And a number of companies are selling ready-made systems and all-in-one kits for gardeners like Mr. Riley who want to do it themselves. (For those who prefer to leave it to the professionals, landscape designers can build vertical gardens for a hefty fee.)
In the last few years, companies that sell green wall supplies have seen a jump in sales. ELT, an Ontario company that specializes in green roofs, began selling living wall systems a little over three years ago and is now one of the biggest suppliers to the United States. Greg Garner, the company’s president, said that its green-wall sales have increased 300 percent since 2008. Four months ago, the company introduced a cheaper, lighter kit to make living walls accessible to the average gardener; prices start at about $40 for a one-square-foot panel.
“We’ve turned living walls into something anyone can do,” Mr. Garner said. “The walls have gone from zero percent of our business leads to 80 percent of our business, and it’s happening all over the place, from the Middle East to North America to Europe.”
Another big living-wall company, Gsky Plant Systems in Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded four years ago as a green roof supplier but now focuses almost exclusively on vertical gardens, which it designs, installs and maintains for around $125 a square foot. Hal Thorne, Gsky’s chairman, said the company’s growth in the last year “was phenomenal — we nearly doubled sales.”
Many of the modular systems — essentially plastic trays filled with dirt and attached to a wall, with a sprinkler or drip irrigation system installed above — differ dramatically from Patrick Blanc’s living walls, which can be seen in commercial and institutional buildings around the world, including the Athenaeum hotel in London and the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.
Mr. Blanc, who was inspired by tropical rain-forest plants he had studied, knew plants could survive on water and fertilizer alone, and developed a system for growing them on walls lined with felt. The living wall was part of his effort to bring greenery into cities. “When you live in towns, you don’t always go into gardens,” he said. “It’s really important to use empty spaces to invite nature into town.” Calligraphy

Drug plant inspection schedule accelerated

The drug manufacturing plant responsible for an international recall of children's Tylenol and other medicines has been on a stepped-up inspection schedule by federal regulators since 2008.
The McNeil Consumer Healthcare plant in Fort Washington, Pa., has been inspected annually since 2008, says Douglas Stearn, an assistant director for compliance at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
On average, because of limited resources, the FDA inspects domestic drug plants only about once every two to three years, Stearn said. The agency uses a risk-based system to set inspection schedules. Plants making drugs with greater safety risks, such as blood thinners, are inspected more frequently, as are plants that have a more troubled inspection history.
"There had been issues raised in these past inspections," Stearn said. Some involved manufacturing, he said, but he couldn't say whether that was the reason for the increased frequency.
The FDA and McNeil have declined to release reports of inspections before the one in April that triggered last week's wide-ranging recall.
FDA: Drug maker knew of contamination
A congressional oversight committee called on the FDA Thursday to produce those records and others by May 17 as part of its investigation into what they called "alarming" problems the FDA found in April, especially the use of a bacteria-contaminated ingredient to make medicine. USA TODAY has asked for the release of recent inspections reports since Sunday.
The recall of infant's and children's liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl products is the third recall in recent months involving McNeil plants, note Reps. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., and Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in their letter requesting documents from the FDA. Towns chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform; Issa is its top Republican member.
This raises "questions as to the adequacy of FDA's response to repeated problems with McNeil's manufacturing practices," the lawmakers wrote.
McNeil spokesman Marc Boston said the company is addressing the "unacceptable" quality issues the FDA has flagged.
The chance of serious harm is "remote" from drugs in the recall, according to the FDA. In late January, the FDA was at the plant investigating a complaint, but Stearn could not provide details. Before last month, the plant had full inspections in October 2006, February 2008 and May 2009, he said.
Stearn said it's the drugmakers' responsibility to maintain the strength, quality and purity of their medicines. "We try to ensure that that obligation is met," he said.
If it isn't, said Sidney Wolfe at the watchdog group Public Citizen, the FDA must take action: "If (the plants) fail in that responsibility, something drastic should happen."Wild horser
Gardening art


6 years of Quality and Project management experience in a large MNC plus 10+ years QA & QC experience in both manufacturing and R&D fields?discount wedding dresses
discount wedding dressesFamiliar with Lean and 6Sigma methodology and their application. Successful leadership experience on multiple lean and 6sigma projects? sell discount wedding dressessell discount wedding dresses
Master of each quality system/regulation chi flat iron storechi flat iron store(ISO9000/ISO13485/GMP21CFR 820/TS16949) and their setup? Effective and strong cross-functional leadership and collaboration skills across functional teams